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THE FUTURE OF hospitality

Elevated Guest Experiences

With stunning 3D Lightfield and voice command offer your guests immediate, immersive, and interactive experiences for offerings ranging from: F&B, concierge and spa services, entertainment, and more.

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Concierge and Spa Services

Entice guests to explore the city with ease by creating interactive informational content for local events, and attractions. Or after a long day of exploring, invite them to unwind with spa services — presented in stunningly irresistible detail.

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In-room Features

Create a connected in-room experience with interactive exploration of on-site amenities, tv channels and streaming services, hotel policies, and service requests. From live chat with guest services to instant notifications about weather warnings and happy hour — the customizable options are endless.

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Food & Beverage

In-room dining never looked so good. Showcase menu items that will entice your guests with mouthwatering visuals in unparalleled 3D.

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Back of House

In-depth analysis of guest services with 3D visualization for charts and tables including:

  • Customizable interface
  • Real-time updates and offers
  • Digitized housekeeping and maintenance
  • Task management for front desk and guest services personnel.

Fully integrates with most rooms management software solutions.

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