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Experiences That Drive Conversion

Brick and mortar offer dynamic environments which are evolving into immersive experience epicentres, low-inventory paradigms.
Leia's breakthrough technology allows you to surprise your customers with digital content that springs to life: enhancing brand connections will increase engagement.

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Personalized Customer Journeys

Offer your customers blended online-offline immersive experiences featuring bold new 3D product imagery, immersive storytelling & personalized e-commerce journeys.

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Create Premium Interactive Content

Powerful and visually rich storytelling allows you to evolve your content offering as quickly as evolving tastes and desires.


Capture 360° product shots and aerial photography for fully immersive and interactive display


Seamless and instant 2D-to-3D conversion for both still and moving images


A certified creators ecosystem with the tools and support needed to create a personalized look and feel.

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Application Management

Quick and easy setup will enable your team to save time and money by integrating existing systems, and streamlining management of technologies including mobile device, content management, security, in-store kiosk and more.

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Customer Analytics

Tracking and reporting has never been easier:
Analyze engagement metrics and click through rates
View trends and customer journey metrics
Customized reporting on conversion rates
Comparative data between locations or sales cycles.

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