Play it all

LeiaPlayer is the swiss army knife of the Leia ecosystem, allowing users to open any image or video file in a 3D Lightfield View.

Shape your shots

Adjust the depth, focus, and bokeh to make your image pop on the Leia Lightfield screen.
Easily alter the color of your shot or experiment with AI-powered style transfer filters.
Or, naturally relight your images with proper intensity and shadows.
Best of all: it’s all powered by natural 3D depth.

Bring depth to 2D images and videos

Breathe life into all your 2D images or videos, thanks to LeiaPlayer’s built-in 3DL conversion feature.
Simply tap the Lightfield View button and your content will appear in 3DL in an instant.
You can turn Apple Portrait Mode photos into the best version of themselves too.
To top it off, once converted, images have access to all the editing tools of real 3DL photos.

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