Visualize your work on a 3DL display

LeiaViewer features a full Sketchfab Integration with more than 500,000 3D models and animations. You can also upload and view your own work in standard 2D or enhanced 3D Lightfield. The DLB technology that powers the Lume Pad display adds incredible light, depth and texture which creates greater details to models which can be viewed from 360°.

Take control of your models

LeiaViewer renders a wide pipeline of model formats including: STL, OBJ, FBX, GLB and GLTF — and then allows you to control the levels of experimentation.

Adjust dynamic lighting environments to find the optimal settings for each model. Control the depth effects by adjusting the depth of field and bloom parameters, in-app. Layer in different model skins, then bring it all to life with the animation feature.

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