Leia is partnering with industry leaders to change the way people see, feel, and dream…with 3D•AI experiences.

Stability AI is the world’s leading open source generative artificial intelligencecompany whose mission is to inspire global creativity and innovation. Using Stable Diffusion’s breakthrough text-to-image model and Leia’s 3D•AI technology, the companies have partnered to develop LeiaDream, the first built-in generative art application designed for 3D. LeiaDream is opening a new dimension of digital engagement, bringing art to life and supplying creatives with groundbreaking tools.


ZTE is partnering with Leia to create a new line of tablets in its Nubia brand, integrated with Leia’s 3D•AI technology. The technology was specifically chosen to expand ZTE's offering of unique, high-end, innovative products and services, in order to enhance their customers’ user experience. Nubia Pad 3D, the first product to be released internationally, offers a more immersive mobile experience, removing some of the boundaries that currently exist with digital content


Continental AG has partnered with Leia to create new display interfaces based on 3D technologies, that offer more intuitive interactions between driver and vehicle. Layered information, driver alerts, better situational awareness with 3D-projected maps and rear-view cameras, and an infotainment system — enhances the driver and passenger, safety and comfort.


Your Experiences in 3D


Enable Your Hardware

Easy upgrade familiar devices
with a LitByLeia 3D Display

• Differentiating display innovation
• Backward 2D compatibility
• Mass-Production Firendly

Delight your existing customers

Enhance Your Content

Quickly convert existing content
to immersive 3D entertainment

• Games, movies, digital art... Metaverse
• Cost-effective creation/conversion
• Producer and developer-friendly

Integrate top content platform

Add a new dimension to your product!

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Our Solution

3D Redifined by AI

A Window to the Digital World

Eyewear-Free & Inclusive
No heavy gear, jump on and off in seconds, and still feel connected to the people around you.

Ease of Use
User-friendly, familiar devices and interactions, plug-n-play, no extra setup.

Naturally Immersive
New spectrum of depths, textures, and lights; Lightfield technology brings the digital world to life.

No Compromise
Infinite 3D content, convert any 2D content, seamlessly switch from 3D to pristine 2D quality

Tablet 10.8
Our Technology

A Simple yet
Magical Upgrade

Fully Compatible
Any type, size, or quality (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Car, etc.)
Mass-Production Friendly
Only adds one layer to regular display stack
Deeply Immersive
Seamless motion via stereoscopic head-tracking
Heavily Patented
10+ years of Research and Development
Development Platform

3D•AI in Your Products

From 6 to 32 inches

Challenge the limits of what can be created and shown on display. From building custom solutions to integrating with existing systems to converting AR/VR applications, our partners are exploring the possibilities of 3D•AI experiences.

Tablet 10.8

Tablet 10.8

Lume Pad (2019)
IPS LCD (60Hz)
2D Resolution: 2560x1600
3D FoV/Dist.: 33°/40-60cm

Out of stock

Tablet 12.4

Tablet 12.4

AI Stereo Face Tracking
IPS LCD (120Hz)
8-views (Landscape)
Resolution: 2560x1600
3D FoV/Dist.: 86°/20-80cm

Lume Pad 2

Monitor 15.6

Monitor 15.6

AI Stereo Face Tracking
IPS LCD (120Hz)
8-views (Landscape)
Resolution: 3840x2160
3D FoV/Dist.: 86°/40-120cm

Available to Partners

Monitor 27

Monitor 27

AI Stereo Face Tracking
MiniLed Hybrid 2D/3DL (120Hz)
8-views (Landscape)
Resolution: 3840x2160
3DL FoV/Dist.: 86°/40-120cm

Coming Soon

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