LeiaGlo is the simplest use of Leia’s proprietary Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB™) technology. LeiaGlo delivers the world’s first 3D holographic images emitted from a transparent substrate lit by a single LED.

Key Features

  • Wide angle Holographic image
  • Transparent substrate:
    Image pops “out of nowhere” MAGICAL
  • Single LED – NO LASER !
  • Compact with no moving parts
  • Controllable viewing zones
  • Customizable image or logo
  • Available in many colors
  • Flexible substrate option

How it works

A transparent light guide (glass or plastic) is illuminated from one edge by a single LED. Proprietary nano structures on the guide surface extract guided light into well defined directions of space, forming a myriad of light rays or "Lightfield" wich is perveived as a floating image by the human eye.



Glass or Plastic (PC, PMMA) substrate with nano-imprinted resin defining the light extracting features.


Substrate Thickness

0.4mm, 0.7mm for glass.
0.4mm for flexible Plastic


Image Size

Currently form 1-in to 5-in


Light source

Single LED or white LED (Rainbow effect)

Lateral FoV

Entirely customizable, multiple view zones ok


Vertical FoV

Customizable, min 20deg


Parallax direction

Horizontal only


Recommended clearance margins

Usually half of image size top, left and right