Hardware Specs

Are there any accessibility concerns for people with visual impairments? How will the Leia’s DLB™ technology work for them?

Lightfield displays emit several images in different directions of space at the same time and tend to produce a more complete depth sensation than glasses-based systems, including not only stereopsis but also parallax and the rendering of subtle light effects. They create an immersive impression even for viewers with a weak eye that would consider themselves “3D blind”. 


There shouldn't be any difference for people with colorblindness. In fact, stereo cues could make things easier for those that have difficulty seeing the contrast between certain colors. However, for people with wildly varying vision between their two eyes, 3D could be uncomfortable or they may not be able to see the effect, and if they're blind in one eye they can only see parallax and not stereoscopic cues at all.