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What unique apps come pre-installed on the Lume Pad?

From creating and sharing Lightfield content - to simply enjoying what’s available, The Lume pad comes pre-installed with a number of handy apps.


LeiaCam is where it all starts. Take high quality pictures and video in 3D Lightfield-compatible format.


LeiaPlayer is your Lightfield content creation hub on the Lume Pad. From here, visualize 3D Lightfield pictures and videos, convert 2D pictures to 3D Lightfield and perform stunning depth-based edits including relighting and style transfer.


LeiaViewer welcomes you to your own, personal Lightfield content museum. Interact with 3D models and 360-degree product shots. Maybe it’ll inspire you to create an exhibit or two.

Leiapix is the largest social network dedicated to the sharing of 3D pictures and it’s right at your fingertips, ready to run with loads of great content getting uploaded, daily.

LeiaStream, our new service for sharing — and streaming — 3D Lightfield videos.

The Leia appstore offers 3D Lightfield apps and games created by the community!