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THE FUTURE OF healthcare

Transforming Immersive Healthcare

Deliver interactive eLearning courses, showcase medical imaging, and more, using an intuitive and familiar operating system. Easily setup, convert and view simulations, and images in 3D (or 2D), with 360° views. Immersive healthcare at your fingertips

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Real 3D Visualization

Immediate, immersive, and interactive 3D imagery provides a realistic and natural sense of depth, texture, and light to medical imaging. Benefits include:

  • MRI, CT, Nuclear Imaging, Ultrasounds, data, and more viewed in real 3D from a handheld tablet
  • Communicate findings to referring physicians or for surgical planning
  • Enhanced patient communication
  • Telemedicine
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Surgical Planning

From reviewing imaging, to demonstrating surgical simulations and procedures to clinical teams, to navigating the communication of complex surgeries to patients, plan with 3D models on an easy to use and familiar tablet. Streamlining processes, and setup will save time, and money.

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Patient Communication

Promote positive sentiment and enhance satisfaction by improving both virtual and bedside patient communication.

From reviewing detailed scans and complex procedures to an elevated Telemedicine offering — patients will feel better able to understand anatomical complexities, thanks to an intuitive and interactive 3D environment.

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Medical Training

A 3D environment makes it interactive and easy to bridge virtual and in-person immersive learning.
With a realistic volumetric sensation, anatomy, tissues and tumors are easier to study and visually dissect.

And high-quality 3D visualization reduces the need for cadaveric specimens, with its realism and unlimited reuse. 

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