Stop Seeing.
Start Feeling.

The world is 3D and Leia offers an immersive digital experience with its 3D Lightfield technology.

Our Story

Leading a digital liberation

Without the need for glasses or headwear, we use the power of light to bring content to life with greater depth and feeling. Our unique Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB™) technology adds more emotion and energy to screen-based experiences everywhere.

Supporting a community of Lightfield innovators and enthusiasts.

We’re building an expansive 3D Lightfield platform and supporting a vibrant content ecosystem with advanced computer vision algorithms, engaging apps, and software tools. It’s a naturally immersive, fully interactive viewing experience. Reality transcends the screen, intuition takes over. Imagery feels so real, you’ll want to reach out and touch it.

The building blocks

Leia was born of years of R&D in nano-structure design and manufacturing at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Palo Alto, CA. Specializing in the manipulation of light at the nano-scale, company founders David Fattal and Zhen Peng worked on many exciting projects including quantum computing systems, nano-lasters, optical interconnects and plasmonic sensors.

A Fateful Discovery.

On a sunny day in the summer of 2010, a company fire drill forced the team outside along with a nano-patterned prototype. Crowds gathered around as the prototype caught the sun, producing a colorful myriad of directions and creating a holographic-like effect. Right then, Project Leia was born.

A Fateful Discovery

Developing Lightfield as a medium.

In  2014, Leia Inc. successfully spun out of HP Labs with external help from its third founder Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux, and set out to create its own mass-manufacturing facility for Leia’s core nanotechnology. Since then, Leia has built an incredible team of optical scientists, process engineers, computer vision researchers and other app developers, all passionate about Leia’s core mission to build the future of digital interactions.

Developing Lightfield as a medium
Our Culture

Building the future of digital interactions.

Our vision is bold. We set out to build a new medium that will fundamentally change the way people experience the digital world, touching all aspects of their lives — the way they communicate, entertain themselves, learn, and work.

Creating magic with physics.

We bring best-in-class talent together to innovate, collaborate, and breakthrough technology barriers. Our team is composed of inventors, engineers, scientists, creators, and developers — all working together to deliver technology that enhances your everyday digital world.

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Management Team

David Fattal

Founder + CEO

David has a lifelong fascination with Physics. He is a master manipulator of light at the nanoscale – including single photon guns, quantum teleportation and holographic displays. He has a passion for “making magic” and as Leia’s Chief Innovator, a mission to share it woth the world.

David Fattal

Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux

Founder + President

Pierre brings a profound business acumen honed from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Yet what he finds most exciting is that Leia Inc. reimagines the way we experience and interact with content. And, more importantly, how it brings people closer to the things they love.

Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux

Andre Krebber


Andre’s art is industrializing Leia’s Lightfield technology. He is driven by the hunt for cutting-edge solutions, realizing new products and bringing them to the world to share with millions of people.

Andre Krebbers