Stop Seeing. Start Feeling.

Leia uses advanced display optics and software to make 3D available to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

We envision a digital future as rich and profound as our 3D world, filled with depth, emotion, and presence — enhancing everyday experiences and transforming the way
we work, play, and connect.

Our Story

3D for Everyone

Our mission is to make 3D available to anyone, anywhere and on any device — without the need for eyewear. LeiaSR™ is designed to transform display-based personal devices into immersive 3D experiences, through a seamless blend of hardware and software innovations.

3D Overlay Bending Light

Our 3D overlay involves a nano-imprinted glass plate, layered with liquid crystal material and carefully sealed. This 3D overlay when activated, bends light rays from the underlying display to produce the desired 3D effect. In passive mode, the overlay will not bend light at all, to ensure the 2D image quality is at its best, without compromising resolution, brightness, or introducing any visual artifacts.

Our Culture

Building a World of 3D Interactions

As the world is not flat, neither should your screen experience be. We believe that adding depth allows for more emotions, better understanding and enhanced connections. With our eco-partners on both hardware and software we strive to bring 3D interactions to the world, for people to immersive themselves with.

Lead with Curiosity and Openness

Our culture embraces new ideas, and challenge the status quo with transformative 3D digital experiences. With our focus on simplicity, user centricity, in combination with our creativity and fun, we  fuel open innovation in our partnerships and larger ecosystem to jointly grow and expand horizons.