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AI Powered 3D Tablet

Infinite 3D Content
We use AI to enable faster, more robust 2D to 3D conversion which means more content can be more immersive.

Optimized 3D Viewing
Our face tracking technology uses real-time AI to compute the best, most vibrant 3D image for you at any angle.

Realistic 3D Capture
Our 3D camera is assisted by AI learning and trained by our unique data set to optimize every image for captivating results.

Limitless 3D Creation
We leverage Stable Diffusion technology from Stability AI so anyone can create and visualize their dream in 3D.

CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree

Leia CES Innovation Award

Computer Hardware
& Components

Leia CES Innovation Award

Computer Peripherals
& Accessories

Leia CES Innovation Award


Leia CES Innovation Award


Best of MWC 2023 Awards

Award MWC_The Big Tech Question
Award MWC_Matridox
Award MWC_Yanko
Award MWC_Phone Arena
Award MWC_Tom's Guide

Generative AI

3D Dream

Leia partnered with Stability AI to let you bring your 3D dreams to life with AI art. Using text-to-image Stable Diffusion and Leia AI 2D3D conversion, a few simple words become stunning 3D art. And LeiaViewer is where you’ll soon see those 3D dreams from any point of view.

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AI User Guidance

3D Photo

LeiaCam AI combined with the best integrated 3D cameras allow you to capture realistic 3D content with stunning levels of detail and depth. Directly edit them on LeiaPlayer before posting your favorite one on the world’s first 3D social network: LeiaPix. And if you’d rather keep those memories at home, we created LeiaFrame and the Lume Stand as the perfect 3D content showpiece.

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AI 2D3D Conversion

3D Stream

LeiaTube real-time 2D3D conversion powered by AI adds depth to any of your favorite content. Share online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch and more to LeiaTube, and instantly watch them in 3D. And if you’re more of a movie fan, you can watch Hollywood blockbusters in 3D from the Lume Pad 2's gorgeous 12.4-inch screen.

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AI 2D3D Conversion

3D Chat

LeiaChat is the future of video chat as the only App in the world that offers true-to-life 3D chat (as opposed to digital avatars). The most immersive way to communicate today is with 3D video chat between Lume Pad 2 tablets, but soon, LeiaChat will work on your smartphone as well.

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AI Powered SDK

3D Gaming

With its largest 3D ecosystem, the Leia Appstore is your one-stop shop for all 3D apps, games, and experiences to enjoy on your Lume Pad 2. And with its engaging and interactive 3D smartbook series, Mozaik3D presents a variety of topics in a compelling and easily digestible format. Learning has never been that fun.

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