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Development Engineer

Updated 08/04/2017
Job location
Menlo Park, CA
Job specification
Guide embedded development and design tasks, including touch controller devices and the electrical characteristics of touch and hover-touch screen technologies.
Specific responsibilities include being a key contributor on the development of future embedded platforms for display and user interface technologies and debugging and troubleshooting embedded systems for the lowest level assembly code to high level C-based development, as well as leading our Android development platform package.
Additional responsibilities will include using electronics and firmware in our existing systems and with modern host side technologies such as node.js, Javascript, Java and Android Systems.
This position requires a Master’s degree or the equivalent plus two (2) years of experience.
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Mail resumes to
Zhen Peng, President/CTO, Leia, Inc.,
2440 Sand Hill Road, Suite 303, 
Menlo Park, CA 94025