Seamlessly enhance your devices with Lightfield.

Create an unparalleled immersive experience with the LeiaModule. By integrating our display, device manufacturers can transform and differentiate their products without the need for 3D glasses or special eyewear. Leveraging Leia’s proprietary DLB™ technology, content can seamlessly switch from 2D to Lightfield.

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Dynamic Lightfield Image

Dynamic Lightfield Image provides natural depth sensation and feeling for textures, materials and lights.

LCD Panel

Our DLB™ layer can effortlessly pair up with a traditional LCD, easily integrating into any device without the need for additional customization, active hardware, or chipsets.

DLB™ Layer

Our core IP uses a nanostructured light guide plate in a standard edge-lit configuration to produce a custom Lightfield illumination of the LCD front-plane.

Regular (2D) backlight

Our DLB™ technology is compatible with a wide range of backlighting methods for 2D mode, including edge-lit, back-lit or even mini-LED, ensuring pristine 2D mode at full resolution.

  • LeiaModule

  • 01LCD Panel

  • 02DLB™ Panel

  • 03Regular (2d) Backlight


Seamlessly switchable

Dual backlight LCD system seamlessly switches between pristine 2D mode at full native LCD resolution and Lightfield mode.


Connected and ready to go

Directly connect to SoC, with no ASIC or other hardware customization needed.


Platform neutral

Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux services to control backlight mode and optimize image quality for each mode.


Flexible sizing

Readily available in 5.7in WQHD or 10.8in WQXGA format -- custom designs possible upon request.


Endless possibilities

Ability to add optional head-tracking firmware support for an elevated experience.

Immersive interactions at your fingertips.

By integrating the LeiaModule, your mobile devices transform into a fully interactive immersive experience, bringing a much needed differentiation to today’s mobile landscape. In Lightfield mode, your selected content is brought to life with added dimension, textures and lighting effects.

Another dimension of comfort and safety.

With the LeiaModule integrated into automotive dashboards or heads-up displays, drivers and passengers enter an unparalleled immersive experience through enhanced connectivity, infotainment, navigation and safety. Optional free air gestures make the interaction with virtual objects more intuitive, elevating the user experience.