Introducing the Lume Pad.

Built for creators and businesses, this beautifully designed product is quite simply the most powerful, portable, and immersive experience imaginable. With a 10.8 inch LitByLeia® display, powered by an Android operating system, the Lume Pad allows you to run your everyday apps, and also leverages the benefits of Lightfield to enhance your content. On a Lume Pad, the digital world comes alive.


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Leia Inc.’s Lightfield display

The Lume Pad is equipped with a 4 x 4-view Lightfield display, offering an unparalleled immersive experience in both landscape and portrait mode


Render what you want, wherever you are

Powered by Snapdragon 845, The Lume Pad offers fluid mobile 3D rendering on the go


Unleash the magic of Lightfields

Featuring core media apps and the LeiaLoft® app store


The best immersive experience, without compromise.

Experience mesmerizing Lightfield content and pristine traditional 2D content at full resolution


Capture the depth and emotion of your world.

The Lume Pad comes with state-of-the-art camera capabilities, enabling stunning user content generation with added depth and emotion

Your imagination brought to life.

Bring your creations and immersive experiences to life on the Lume Pad. This powerful and portable device is an extension of your imagination.

The ultimate learning experience.

Partnering with top online education platforms, the Lume Pad equips educators and students with real-to-life learning, anywhere and at any time. Explore the world virtually, bring history to life, or amplify trainings with realistic simulations -- all helping to improve engagement, boost retention and promote positive feelings about the learned material.


Reimagining retail.

As retail is shrinking its footprints and reducing on-site inventory, stores still need to attract more customers. The Lume Pad is the perfect tool to enhance the digital in-store experience, bringing customers closer to the product through texture, details, and enhanced story telling for maximum conversion.

Immersive medical images, at your fingertips.

The Lume Pad empowers medical professionals with another perspective. Enabling immediate and effortless visualization and sharing of 3D medical data, this device streamlines the communication of radiology findings to referring physicians, complements 3D printing for surgical planning and simulations, and improves doctor/patient communications with intuitive images for straightforward explanations.

Elevate your guest’s experience and upsell hotel services.

Bring your guest’s experiences to new heights with the Lume Pad for hospitality. Offering stunning Lightfield interactions, voice commands, and easily integrated with popular Guest Room Management Systems, this device will increase guest engagement, upsell hotel services, F&B, shows and events, and will make for a more memorable stay.

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