Providing Immersive Experiences to Consumers on Any Device, Today.

LeiaSR™ Enables 3D
on Any Displays

Convert any display into a 2D-to-3D Switchable Display

LeiaSR™ is a technology platform that can convert 2D displays into 3D displays, helping viewers experience immersiveness, just like they were part of the scene.

LeiaSR™ combines patented switchable display technology, with advanced AI face tracking, and content conversion.

LeiaSR™ enables stunning 3D content experiences without compromising the quality of the original display. It's also compatible with the wider 3D|XR industry.


“Creating in spatial 3D allows me to immerse myself in my work.”

LeiaSR™ allows you to perceive the depth of your project, making it easier to apply the appropriate level of details and textures without the need for a head-mounted display. Additionally, our 3D displays excel in facilitating reviews and presentations.


"It is more fun, playful, joyful, and it pulls you in the game."

Experience gaming like never before as laptops and tablets equipped with LeiaSR™ elevate the visual and immersive impact of gaming. The 3D gaming worlds spring to life, as the displays seemingly expand with added visual depth, immersing you in the game.  Guaranteed fun!

LeiaSR Use Cases

"It feels as though the other person is right there with me."


The majority of our communication occurs non-verbally, rendering traditional videoconferencing sub-optimal by default. 3D video chatting powered by LeiaSR™ allows richer interactions and an elevated proximity that improve your conversation dynamics.

LeiaSR Use Cases

Scalable Technology

LeiaSR™ seamlessly enhances all displays—mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, and even car displays. Experience uncompromised quality in both 2D and 3D views.

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Focused on the User

LeiaSR™ seamlessly supports all 3D|XR content and programs. Our AI-powered SDK and platform applications will natively work with 99% of 3D content out of the box.

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