LeiaSR™ Converts Any Display
into a 2D3D Switchable Display

LeiaSR™ is a technology platform that can convert 2D displays into 3D displays, helping viewers experience immersiveness, just like they were part of the scene.

LeiaSR™ creates stunning 3D displays without compromise on 2D quality, while easily connects to the wider 3D|XR industrial ecosystem.
LeiaSR™ can be incorporated as a built-in technology on mobile, tablets, laptops and monitors alike.

Lume Pad²

World's First QHD 3D Tablet

Lume Pad 2 is the ultimate 3D tablet. A pristine 12.4” 3D display showcasing 3D apps that bring virtual objects, movies, pictures, and games to a new level of immersive realism, without the need for special eyewear. Instantly switching from 2D to 3D to preserve the Android experience you already know.

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World's First 8K 3D Display

The SR Pro 2 delivers the best eyewear-free 3D experience showcasing what Leia Simulated Reality can do: bring presence of the real world to the virtual one. Through the 32” immersive display, directly see 3D in high resolution without the need for special glasses.

SR Pro 2

Convert Experiences to Immersions



LeiaSR™ is tailored for displays ranging from 6 to 32 inches, supporting both LCD and OLED technologies, ensuring an uncompromised viewing experience in both 2D and 3D.
Esteemed brands like ACER and ZTE have already embraced LeiaSR™ for their laptops, monitors, and tablets.


LeiaSR™ digital ecosystem facilitates the porting of existing 3D content to LeiaSR™ displays, making it an ideal choice for your immersive experiences. Explore the professional plugins for Unity and Unreal, our versatile SDK, complete with a Media SDK for seamless 2D to 3D conversion, and a variety of 3D apps and XR tools.