It's time to break through

Break through the screen. Break through what people tell you isn’t possible and experience the future, a new medium that  brings dimension and light to the  digital world and draws you in — we call it 3D Lightfield.

From photographs to movies, black and white to color, visual imagery captivates and inspires us. But we’ve been tethered to flat screens while living in a 3D world.
3D Lightfield breathes life into immediate, immersive, and interactive experiences. In the most natural way possible  —  you just have to open your eyes.

Go on. Capture, share, and relive your fondest moments with new emotions. Explore a world of depth, textures and light, marvel at the sun reflecting off the ocean, catch the sparkle in a loved one's eyes.

We are the architects behind the breakthrough. The dreamers who married Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence to bring magic into your hands. The artists who make ordinary content feel... extraordinary.

We are Leia.