December 29, 2023

2023D: Leia’s Year of Groundbreaking 3D Achievements

A Year of Unprecedented Achievements

As we look back on 2023, it's clear that it was a year of transformative achievements here at Leia. Each milestone, from strategic acquisitions to influential partnerships, has been a step towards a future where 3D technology is not just an option but a norm. Here’s just a few of those achievements:

1. Pioneering Partnerships: Joining Forces with ZTE for the Nubia Pad 3D / Lume Pad 2

2023 kicked off with a game changing partnership with ZTE, marking our foray into global consumer technology with the Nubia Pad 3D. This collaboration, accompanied by four CES® 2023 Innovation Awards for Leia’s technology, highlights our joint commitment to transcending the barriers of traditional digital content and ushering in the evolution of 3D.

Our collaboration with ZTE is more than a partnership; it's a testament to our shared vision of making immersive 3D experiences accessible to all. The Nubia Pad 3D, equipped with Leia’s switchable 2D and 3D technology, is a glimpse into a future where eyewear-free 3D viewing is not just a possibility but a reality, anywhere, anytime.

2. A Quantum Leap in 3D Technology: Industry Leaders Join Forces  

2023 marked a pivotal moment for Leia with the strategic acquisition of Dimenco. This strategic move united two vanguards in the 3D world, catapulting the possibilities of immersive experiences into the mainstream. Together, we've been working to seamlessly blend our respective strengths, with Leia's foothold on the Android platform complementing Dimenco's expertise in Windows-based systems.

Leia CEO, David Fattal, expressed an emphasis on our commitment to better aligning digital experiences to our 3D reality. This acquisition doesn't just merge technologies; it merges visions, ambitions, and, most importantly, our promise to deliver a unified, cross-platform 3D experience.

Further sweetening this milestone is the expansion of our content ecosystem. Imagine making a 3D video call via Zoom, streaming 3D movies, or sharing 3D photos — all soon to be accessible across a wider range of devices. We're setting the bar high and just getting started when it comes to establishing industry standards for 3D technology. 

3. Expanding Our Intellectual Property: Acquisition of Philips' 3D Display Patents

Our quest to revolutionize the 3D display landscape saw another significant leap with the acquisition of Royal Philips' 3D display patent portfolio. This move, adding over 500 patents to our repository, fortifies our position as the leader in 3D display technology.

These patents aren't just numbers; they are beacons of innovation that will pave the way for advanced developments in 3D display technology. As we integrate these patents with our Simulated Reality (LeiaSR) technology, we're not only enhancing our product line — we're setting new benchmarks for the industry. This acquisition underscores our commitment to transitioning from a 2D > 3D viewing experience, making for a more immersive and intuitive experience.

4. The Year of AI and 2M+ LeiaPix Creators 

This year we saw incredible growth in the generative AI space with over two million of you taking your images and converting them into 3D magic! It’s safe to say the world has gone spatial and we’re proud to see our community at the forefront of this movement. We’ve seen depth animations, tutorials, narrative storytelling, and depth map-to-mesh projects turning images into immersive volumetric scenes. Part of what drives our team is seeing your enhanced creative experience and so we have some great updates to share in the coming months that will take it even further.

Leaping Into 2024

Our journey goes beyond technological advancements; each achievement supports our mission of bringing people closer to a world where digital interactions are as real and immersive as the world around them. As we jump into 2024, we do so with the promise of continuing to innovate, inspire, and lead in the world of 3D technology.

Wishing our community a happy and prosperous 2024. May the new year bring you new dimensions of immersive experiences!