June 9, 2023

Exploring Art and Technology with Nygilia

Nygilia is a brilliant artist currently exploring 3D•AI using Lume Pad 2 and like so many creatives in our ecosystem, she brings her diverse background to the immersive canvas offering her peers and collectors an inspiring and unique vision. In addition to her work building digital art collections for Web3 curated drops on Superrare, Foundation, and Objkt, she is also working toward a PhD, and an active community builder - host of her own Instagram Broadcast Channel, and active speaker on Twitter Spaces.   

Discovery of VR/AR 

Nygilia’s early artwork was in graphic and communication design. Her practice has since evolved to produce with immersive technology and continue exploring the intersection. Always finding new forms of expression with technology, her first experience with VR happened thanks to a headset her roommate let her borrow. Adopting the technology was a point of departure and today re-framing immersion, and even economics behind art through web3.

Her leadership today includes groups such as African NFT Community, although leadership in a creative setting is not new. Nygilia worked as a junior creative at Media.Monks where she “did a little bit of everything.” The first project she was given was the NBA bubble - they had to figure out how people would still enjoy the playoffs during the pandemic. This work was challenging but rewarding. She describes doing 10 years of work in a year with clients such as Disney, Nike and Robinhood.

During the pandemic, she discovered NFT conversations happening online. Once she learned about the market and ecosystem, she posted her artwork on OpenSea and sold her first piece within a week. 

One thing that she’s had to challenge is the stigma that if you use AI in your work, it’s because you can’t draw. She sees AI as a tool similar to photoshop, where it enhances your art and doesn’t replace it.

Nygilia enjoys creating surreal and innovative experiences, and has enjoyed the built-in generative AI on the device. She also likes using the Lume Pad for presenting her art as a more immersive representation of her work without having to use a headset. In her opinion, Lume Pad creates a personal simulation between the art and the viewer while offering a familiarity in form factor.

Nygilia describes her feeling of experiencing 3D on the Lume Pad in terms of aesthetic and tactility. "3D objects look surreal and beautiful on the Lume Pad." “The texture stays really smooth. It feels like you're in a game,” she says. Her favorite app to use for her art is LeiaDream which allows you to create art with written prompts. She enjoys working with 3D•AI, pushing creative bounds of what can be produced.

Check out Nygilia’s personal website to purchase her latest art pieces and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. For more 3D•AI inspiration, check out creators such as  Margarida Barreto, Ben Desai, and Ashley Zelinksie.