January 8, 2024

Game on with LeiaSR™ at CES 2024

Every year, games get more elaborate, but 2D screens continue flattening the experience. At CES 2024, come see a better way, where 3D worlds pop off a  true 3D display — without a headset or glasses — thanks to LeiaSR™.

With an impressive lineup of innovations, Leia’s bringing fun to the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Gaming/Metaverse/XR area at booth #17062. 

Need for Speed on the 3D Race Track

Adrenaline junkies, gaming fans: Buckle up as Leia showcases a racing simulation on the SR Pro 2, a cutting-edge 8K 3D panel guaranteed to upgrade gaming experiences.  Strap into the racing seat, white-knuckle the steering wheel, and drive into the captivating world of 3D racing. LeiaSR™  promises an unparalleled level of immersion, transporting players into the heart of the action, feeling the corners and sensing the car spinning on-track with its stunning 3D visuals. This is just one example of what’s possible.

Elevating Your Game (with depth)  

Experience gaming like never before as Leia demonstrates how laptops and tablets equipped with LeiaSR™ elevate the visual and immersive impact of gaming. From high-octane first-person shooters to strategic simulations, attendees will witness the seamless integration of 3D into some of their favorite games, setting a new standard for display entertainment .

While LeiaSR™ technology breaks boundaries in gaming, we've also been evolving how to look at your own creations since last year. – Bring Your Images to Life

Have a favorite game character or a selfie on a race track? Or maybe some phone pics from over the holidays? With LeiaPix, your art is transformed with jaw-dropping depth and realism. 

Upload any 2D image to LeiaPix, and our advanced algorithms analyze and convert it into a stunning 3D representation. In fact, LeiaPix even optimizes for playback on a variety of 3D devices and headsets.

At CES, you'll also have an exclusive first-look at’s new 2D→3D video conversion feature. 

LeiaPix Contest!

Stop by our booth and take your chance to win a Lume Pad 2 with LeiaPix! One winner will be randomly selected each day the CES Expo is open. Each winner will receive one (1) Lume Pad 2, to be collected from the Leia booth before the end of the show. Contest details will be posted at the booth.

Booth Location: Gaming/Metaverse/XR in Tech East at the LVCC in booth #17062.

Can’t make it to Vegas? Follow along on our social channels @leiainc on all platforms (linked in the footer of this page).