October 12, 2022

Amazing Visual ASMR videos to watch in 3D Lightfield

It’s time to get comfortable and relax with immersive 3D Lightfield videos. We’re sharing a couple of our favorites that look simply fantastic and will take these visually satisfying videos to new depths when viewed through LeiaTube conversion on one of our 3D Lightfield devices. Go ahead and drop down into the list below to start viewing or keep reading to learn more about visual ASMR in 3D. 

If you’re new to the concept of ASMR, short for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” think of it like a brain massage where specific sights and/or sounds can trigger a relaxing response. Varying forms of this have been used online over the past few years - some versions a little more out there than others, but it all comes down to one thing: relaxation. So, next time you need a break from your day, take a few minutes to watch one of these videos. 

We put these together in a playlist for you on the official Leia YouTube channel, but let’s drop the links here individually - with a little extra context for each. Most importantly, don’t forget that by sharing these videos through the LeiaTube app on the Lume Pad, every video you see below takes on a whole new life in 3D! 

In Train-ing

There’s always been something about watching the rhythmic nature of trains roll by that’s oh so soothing. Enjoy more than 75 different train sets from the model-making community traveling through at-scale countryside, focusing on macro photography. 

Out of This World NASA Footage

Not many of us are hopping on the next spaceflight, but viewing a cargo spacecraft launch heading to the ISS on a 3D Lightfield screen lifts you skywards on a journey for your mind.

NASA’s Psyche Mission

While this may be an artist’s rendition, this video exploring a metallic world named Psyche gives a unique look at the building blocks of planet formation. And, yes, it looks that much cooler when you watch this through LeiaTube.

FUN FACT: This is a sneak preview for The NASA Psyche mission which launches in 2022 and will arrive at the asteroid Psyche, which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, in 2026. The spacecraft, also named Psyche, will spend 21 months orbiting the asteroid, mapping it and studying its properties. 

Dreamy Forest Drone Flight

There are LOTS of fantastic first-person-view drone flight videos online. This is just one of them. This seven minute video takes you on a relaxing tour of a forest in Orchard Park, New York on a fall day. Pushed out in 3D with the great musicbed pumping through the speakers, it's even more amazing. You can expect to find more drone flight footage in the playlist in the future.

4K Dessert Collection 

If you ever watch food videos and start craving what you see onscreen afterwards, you might want to skip this one!. This foodie video is all about showing off some amazing desserts. DISCLAIMER: Please keep your forks and spoons away from the screen when you start watching this in 3D. Link to video.

This is just a quick sampling of some of the fantastic videos that you can find online that look great and play well in 3D through the LeiaTube app. In fact, be sure to check out our growing playlist of recommended videos on our YouTube page.

If you’re inspired to make your own visual ASMR videos, make sure to tag us! We’d love to check them out in 3D!