January 26, 2023

Creator Spotlight: Margarida Barreto

“AI Art was a huge revelation for me in 2022,” says artist and graphic designer Margarida Baretto. “It helped me to get out of the monotony that many times the designer's work becomes.”

Margarida was born into the art world, but she never thought it’d lead her to AI-rendered 3D. Her grandfather was a graphic designer and inspired her to go on, eventually creating graphics of her own for a variety of companies over the past 15 years. But something happened this past summer changed everything: She saw some amazing AI-rendered art that was shared on a LinkedIn post in the 𝖠I ϟ 𝖢𝖢 Community

“It was catharsis! Everything that was in my head but didn't fit into the day to day projects was right there. Since my goal has always been to convey or empower messages, I immediately realized this was the perfect tool for me,” Baretto tells us. 

“Art and creativity, those were things we all thought AI couldn’t do…and now everything’s changed,” she emphasizes. “Everyone can now experiment and give a voice to their thoughts, whatever your background is…it’s truly amazing.”

According to Baretto, AI increases the artists’ capabilities of all skill levels. Better results will come from understanding art techniques and proper phrasing, but this brilliant sense of artistic freedom is potentially in everyone’s grasp. It’s a new tool people will need to learn how to master, but for her it’s important, “Having time and freedom to go one step further, explore, and evolve.”

What motivates Baretto? She wants to deliver environmental messages based on scientific facts, but empowered by compelling and striking images. More than that, Baretto adds that, “Every day I end up remembering things that I love and now almost with a snap of my fingers, I can have it done.” 

From August 2022, things began flowing quickly for her. Everything she’d learned was now being applied to working with AI to generate art. “It started with my cute bunnies and ending with my terrifying carnivorous monsters,” Baretto laughs. 


“I always start with a preconceived idea, most of the time I know what I want. In the beginning,” she jokes, “I used to write almost a bible to each prompt, but it's a learning process and now I’m more precise. My biggest challenge right now is that I have to structure my thoughts in English – and it’s not my first language. Sometimes it’s hard to translate concepts, but it’s nothing an online translation can’t fix!”

The next step is being able to convey artistic terms, lights, styles, and camera angles…and so many other things. For instance, understanding specific movie technology and photography terms you need to use in your prompts. You’d be surprised how dramatically the end result will differ by inserting just the right words or the order of how you phrase them. 

The most amazing thing about all of this is that you don't have to do just an image in Midjourney, according to Baretto. You can blend results, having multiple tools work in concert to take a rough idea from text to graphics, all done with AI assistance. Then, of course using LeiaPix Converter to transform it into a true 3D image.  


While looking for new ways to explore the AI tools, she learned about LeiaPix Converter. “I needed to start doing more than static photos, to have more impact with the audience,” Baretto says. “This amazing tool is super easy and free to use!”

“I think my favorite outputs with LeiaPix Converter are my Astrobunnies that advertise my Astrobunny NFT collection. There’s also the ones that I made with carnivorous plants…oh, and one I created about my bunny (named, “Leia”) as Star Wars Princess Leia.

Barreto is also developing NFT collections where she's combining different types of AI tools (including LeiaPix Converter). Check out her OpenSea!

Now that she’s gotten a taste of creating art for 3D Lightfield, she can’t wait to try more. “I’m super curious to try out your 3D Lightfield for videos. LeiaPix is a huge boost to my creativity in my process.”

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