September 21, 2022

Exploring the Metaverse at Digital Fashion Week New York

Exploring the Metaverse at Digital Fashion Week New York

Fashion is larger than life. It's meant to immerse you in a world. With that in mind, We couldn’t think of a better way than New York Fashion Week 2022 to take advantage of Leia’s 3D Lightfield hardware and AI conversion software. 

With the combination of nanotechnology and AI, fashionistas can watch the most iconic runway fashion shows in 3D Lightfield using LeiaTube on their LitByLeia device. In fact, we’ve got a YouTube playlist with some of our favorite runway shows to view in 3D (They look amazing on the LumePad’s 3D Lightfield display through LeiaTube!

Fashion Design using 3D and AI Tools 

We saw beautiful environments created for Digital Fashion Week 2022. Using our integrations for software such as Unity and Unreal, creators can design fashion, avatars, and environments for experiencing on our 3D Lightfield displays. For creators using generative art tools such as MidJourney, and DALL-E, our free and easy to use AI powered LeiaPix Converter tool generates customizable depth maps, and 3D animations in just a few clicks. 

Design by Honey in the background

And while learning new tools seems daunting, Digital Fashion Week New York Founder, Clare Tattersall explains that in order to participate in the melding of the real and virtual worlds. “Designers absolutely need to be embracing 3D tools.” While the time invested in learning is key, she encourages new creators by sharing that “some of the top designers in the world started designing in the digital space a year and a half, two years ago. And they are top of the game at the moment.” 

"some of the top designers in the world started designing in the digital space a year and a half, two years ago. And they are top of the game at the moment.” 
- Clare Tattersall

Making Fashion Accessible Through the Metaverse 

We aim to democratize the metaverse by making the 3D internet accessible at scale. In the fashion industry, we find a complimentary movement happening thanks to readily accessible immersive tools for self expression. 

Tattersall shares her enthusiasm. “Oh yes, it's about democratizing fashion. Independent designers are at the center and it's where the talent pool is at the moment. The hierarchical structures are changing.”

BK Style Foundation (organizers of Brooklyn Fashion Week) Founder Rick Davey agrees. “It gives designers an open playing field. They do not have to wait for manufacturing. They can actually get their work out without having to go through such a lengthy process." 

This all comes together when you start using these digitized fashions to outfit your digital twin, your avatar. As more industries adopt the concept of having a digital twin, the world of fashion demonstrates how the idea of “phygital” assets and experiences can be both practical and fun. 

Speaking of digital twin, the images featured in this post are of our Social and Community Manager, Marlon Fuentes at the After Party. While much of the week's events were hosted in IRL, the afterparty for Digital Fashion Week New York was hosted in the metaverse thanks to The Immersive KIND and MaisonDAO who designed an amazing place with This allowed for global participation.

At the afterparty | ICA & Kostika

A Great Time To Get Started in Metaverse Fashion 

“We had big brands coming to our events asking about our designers. Who is this designer? Can you introduce us?” says Clare. So what a better time to dive into the world of digital fashion and self expression in the metaverse?  

Whether you are using AI tools, learning 3D modeling in apps such as blender, or simply using avatar creation tools such as Ready Player Me, you already have a path to metaverse fashion designer. Imagine expressing your style in, in next year’s virtual runway! 

Need a head start? We’ve got you covered here at Leia. Even if you are creating in 2D, our AI 3D conversion tool, LeiaPix Converter can give your generative designs and drawings motion and depth for your next digital showcase. 

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