October 12, 2023

Inspiring Creativity and Innovation in the World of 3D: Jonathan Winbush

Jonathan Winbush is a visionary motion graphics artist based in Southern California with an impressive portfolio spanning from the very first Iron Man movie to projects with Marvel, DC, and Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys. Delving into the world of 3D and visual effects since childhood, he has emerged as a leading figure in the realm of immersive digital experiences, inspiring creators and developers worldwide. 

Throughout his career, Jonathan has been an advocate for creative exploration. From his early use of After Effects and 3D Max to his integration of Cinema 4D, UEFN, and Unreal Engine, he's shown us how to combine tools to create immersive experiences. His collaboration with Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys resulted in a mind-blowing VR music video that captured the imaginations of fans worldwide. You can now view this 360 VR video in 3D on Lume Pad 2 “which is crazy” he said. 

Not stopping there, Jonathan's work with Method Man of Wu Tang Clan paved the way for innovative collaborations such as his latest world building projects using Fortnite. His journey has led him to become a passionate educator, sharing his knowledge and insights on platforms like YouTube to inspire the next generation of creators. 

“For people wanting to get into 3D technology, it's going to be an easy transition because you just go in there, create your environment, create your experience, and then it's as easy as either using the SDK to make it an interactive experience for the Lume Pad 2 or you can go the cinematic route, easily rendering it out, convert it to 3D with Leia’s 2D3D conversion, and then you're off to the races.” 

The emergence of the Lume Pad 2 has given Jonathan an exciting new canvas to display holographic artistry like never before. With the ability to convert 2D videos into stunning 3D images, the Lume Pad 2 has become a game-changer in the way we experience content. Jonathan's creations, such as "Space Jam," come to life in holographic brilliance on this revolutionary device.

Looking to the future, Jonathan envisions Simulated Reality displays becoming an integral part of our lives, from entertainment to enterprise applications. With advancements in Unreal Engine 5 and the ability to create worlds in Fortnight, he sees endless possibilities for creative expression, where realistic lighting and intricate 3D models can be effortlessly brought to life.

“I want to show people that we could build 3D visuals for the types of devices we already use, which is why I used the Lume Pad 2 to showcase how you can experience 3D on the go.”

In this rapidly evolving world of 3D and AI technology, Jonathan's creative leadership serves as a guiding light, inspiring creators and developers to unleash their imagination and embrace the boundless potential of immersive experiences. As we witness the convergence of art and technology, we eagerly anticipate the marvels Jonathan and other visionary artists will bring to life, shaping the future of digital expression.

Stay connected with Jonathan on his site and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and on his YouTube channel.  For more inspiration check out Kim Alban's work with LeiaPix!

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