November 27, 2020

Leia Inc. and Infuse Medical announce partnership to bring Lightfield imagery to the field of medical education

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leia Inc. and Infuse Medical have joined forces to revolutionize medical training and education with immersive 3D and 2D educational experiences.

By partnering with Leia, their clients not only have access to Infuse’s custom interactive eLearning content for aesthetics, coronary, spine, neuro, orthopedics, imaging, laboratory and capital equipment applications – but also the tools to make these educational lessons powerful, portable and immersive via Leia’s Lume Pad tablet. The Lume Pad, with a 10.8-inch display powered by the company’s Lightfield technology, provides the means to deliver these immersive lessons in stunning 3D and 2D without the need for head-mounted virtual glasses or clunky equipment.

“We’ve anticipated the next mobile break-through since the introduction of the iPad over a decade ago,” says Jordan Erickson, Partner – New Business Development at Infuse. “We’re thrilled to have our best-in-industry content and learning applications now deployed on Lume Pad. We anticipate spatial memory to dramatically increase with our services combined with Leia’s Lightfield technology.”  

Leia, a leader in Lightfield display hardware and content services based in Silicon Valley, leverages simultaneous breakthroughs in nano-optical design, nano-manufacturing and intelligent software to create the future of digital interactions. Their Lightfield technology opens the door to interactive learning and establishes an emotional bond between the viewer and the digital world with fully interactive images that display depth, a sense of material, and real ambient light effects.

In addition, a simple plug-in allows all content created within the Unity platform, packaged with the offerings from Infuse, easily display on the Lume Pad, and take advantage of everything that the Lightfield technology has to offer. Educators and students can also switch between a 2D and 3D display at any time with no interruption to their existing workflow, which helps to create an in-depth and seamless learning experience.

“We’re always looking for the very best 3D content to highlight on our screens,” says David Fattal, Leia’s co-founder and CEO. “Through this partnership with Infuse Medical we are poised to revolutionize the training experience for many medical device companies, a very exciting prospect!”

About Infuse Medical

Infuse Medical is a specialized digital agency with a specific focus in medical device and diagnostics. Since 2007 Infuse has helped the largest medical device companies in the world “Accelerate the Transfer of Knowledge™” through mobile apps, 3D animation, video, and VR/AR development.

Having produced over 1,000 scientific animations and videos since 2007 and more than 600 mobile applications since 2010, Infuse has pioneered the mobile transformation in medical device sales enablement; arming medical device reps with compelling sales presentation tools that are beautiful, yet smart utilities that increase the effectiveness of today’s sales call and trainings within the clinical environment.

The company is based in Lehi, UT. More info at

About Leia Inc

Founded in 2014, Leia Inc. is the leading provider of Lightfield display hardware and content services for mobile.

Leveraging breakthroughs in nanotechnology design, manufacturing and Intelligent Software, the Silicon Valley company is building the future of digital interactions. Its core technology originated from years of R&D at HP Labs and makes any display beautifully immersive through unparalleled depth, look-around, and realistic light effects.

Leia Inc.’s content platform LeiaLoft® empowers developers and content creators worldwide with the ability to easily create stunning Lightfield content for commercial and consumer use.