January 17, 2024

Leia Inc. Announces Fabio Esposito as Chief Executive Officer

Leia Inc. Announces Fabio Esposito as Chief Executive Officer
Seasoned Executive to Enhance Company's Scale and Streamline Operations; Founder David Fattal to Advance Technology Innovation as CTO

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Jan. 17, 2024 — Leia Inc., the leading provider of eyewear-free 3D display hardware and software solutions, has announced the appointment of Fabio Esposito as its new Chief Executive Officer. Esposito brings a wealth of experience in scaling tech companies, particularly in the fields of extended reality (XR) and AI.

This announcement comes on the heels of a transformative year for Leia, marked by the acquisition of Dimenco and the 3D patent portfolio of Royal Philips IP; a growing number of strategic partnerships with key OEMs; and the appointment of Hassane El-Khoury as board chair. 

As Leia recently demonstrated at CES 2024, its customer base and the market for 3D technology are rapidly expanding. Esposito’s proven track record in scaling and maturing disruptive technologies, as well as his experience in driving revenue growth align perfectly with Leia's strategic objectives.

David Fattal, the co-founder of Leia, will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Fattal will continue to focus on innovation and technology development, overseeing Leia’s 2D-to-3D switchable display solutions, software development kit (SDK) and AI cloud services. "We’re thrilled to welcome Fabio Esposito to Leia. His exceptional ability to drive growth is exactly what’s needed as we embark on this exciting new chapter,” said Fattal.

"Joining Leia at a time when we are witnessing a renaissance in immersive experiences is incredibly exciting,” says Esposito. “I’m particularly eager to see our solutions become mainstream in smartphones and other personal devices. David and the global Leia team have been instrumental in enabling the consumer transition from 2D to an immersive 3D visual experience. Our LeiaSR™ technology is at the forefront of this transformation, and I'm committed to ensuring its success."

Esposito recently served as the CEO of Luxexcel, now part of Meta Platforms. At Luxexcel, he led the company’s turnaround and strategic pivot towards smart eyewear. Subsequently at Meta Reality Labs, he played a key role in operations and integration, contributing to the development of next-generation AR/VR devices. Prior to Luxexcel, as CEO of Solidscape Inc., Esposito implemented global strategies that significantly expanded the company's presence worldwide. 

Esposito’s valuable experience in leading tech companies through periods of growth and transformation will be invaluable to Leia as the company continues to innovate and expand in the 3D display and software market.

About Leia Inc.

Leia Inc. is a leading provider of eyewear-free 3D display hardware and software solutions. Born from pioneering research at HP Labs and Philips, our breakthrough technology leverages advanced optics and AI to transform ordinary displays into naturally immersive experiences. We envision a future where the three-dimensional reality of our physical world is seamlessly reflected in the digital space, enhancing how we work, play and connect. Our mission is to make 3D accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any device. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.