August 24, 2021


SAN FRANCISCO – THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 2021 – Leia, Inc., the creators of 3D Lightfield products and software, today announce that the company has teamed up with Mozaik Education, a leading provider of textbooks and digital learning solutions, to bring 3D educational content to its 3D Lume Pad. Launched today, this high-performance Android 10.8-inch tablet projects images in true 3D off - and deeper into - the screen, visible with the naked eye. The Lume Pad supports all the apps and features of a premium tablet and, with the touch of a button, converts photos and videos to 3D in real time for streaming, creating, and sharing. It also makes 2D and 3D apps and games a more immersive experience.

Bundled with the Lume Pad, the Mozaik 3D Learning app offers more than 1,200 3D learning scenes, which can be augmented with hundreds of educational videos, courses, quizzes, and games available through the MozaBook app or on their website. Lume Pad users will get a complimentary 1-year subscription to this powerful teaching tool. They can take a trip through the galaxy and learn about the Milky Way before bed or travel the world to learn about ancient civilizations and modern cities from the comfort of home.

With the state of classroom learning in flux, parents and educators alike are increasingly looking for ways to leverage technology to enhance or bring the in-class experience home. Portable solutions such as the Lume Pad with its 3D Lightfield tablet provides immediate, immersive, and interactive learning experiences, anywhere, anytime. This creates continuity in the learning experience that extends beyond traditional classroom walls.

The Mozaik 3D app for Lume Pad makes learning fun again with meaningful, interactive content that will not only increase student engagement, but help them to better retain information. Mozaik’s vast media library on includes interactive 3D animations, complete lessons, virtual experiments, educational videos, games and more, covering several age groups and a variety of subjects ranging from Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Technology to History, Music and Visual Arts.

Designed and built to foster learning through engagement, the Lume Pad is a next generation educational tool that captivates students with the wonders and possibilities of learning. Using Leia’s groundbreaking 2D nanotechnology, 3D Lightfield viewing is realistic, multi-dimensional, and natural, adding texture, depth, and light to a wide array of 2D and 3D content and apps.

With the Lume Pad you can…

  • Watch your favorite videos from popular streaming services into 3D.
  • Turn 2D images into 3D (most popular formats supported).
  • Capture, edit, and share 3D pictures and video with Lume’s 16-megapixel stereo cameras.
  • Enjoy hundreds of thousands of 3D images shared on LeiaPix, the 3D imaging social network, and use it as a 3D picture frame.
  • Download and explore over 500,000 3D models with full Sketchfab integration.
  • Interact with a host of 3D learning apps and games.
  • Use all your favorite 2D Android apps from Google Play or download the 3D Lightfield apps. already available in the Leia Appstore.
  • Enjoy 3D audio with Dolby ATMOS.
  • And much more…

The Lume Pad is available now on, at select B8ta stores across the country, and on for a suggested retail of $649.00 USD.

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