April 3, 2023

LeiaPix Converter Version 1.2 Updates!

LeiaPix Converter, the world’s most popular web app for creating stunning animations using 3D•AI just got a whole lot better with Version 1.2, featuring a new transformative Ken-Burns style Dolly Zoom animation option!

The Dolly Zoom animation option allows users to create engaging and dynamic visual stories with their depth map images. You can now create smooth zoom and pan effects that bring your images to life. And easily edit each animation in the same intuitive way as the old styles to create the perfect effect for their projects.

LeiaPix animations can still be exported as an MP4 or GIF and used for countless use cases including spicing up your favorite photos with friends, elevating your art, or creating a more eye-catching post for your marketing campaign. 

Additionally, LeiaPix Converter now supports uploading images in Leia Image Format (aka LIF), which retains depth map edits between different sessions and devices when exported, and re-uploaded as a LIF. This format is the native format of images captured with LeiaCam on Lume Pad 2 as well as with media converted to 3D using LeiaPlayer on Lume Pad 2 (Lume Pad 2 is available for pre-order now). LIF upload support is especially useful for professional creators who need to work on the same image across multiple devices or sessions.

And as always with LeiaPix Converter upgrades, the latest release improves the quality of Leia’s depth estimation 3D•AI, improves the web apps performance, and squashes a ton of bugs!

LeiaPix Converter's new features are available now to all users. To learn more and start creating stunning LeiaPix animations with the Dolly Zoom animation style, visit convert.leiapix.com.

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