February 6, 2024

Lume Pad 2 x iPhone 15 Pro: How to Create 3D Spatial Videos Right Now.

The Future of 3D Is Already in Your Hands

If you carry an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can capture 3D spatial photography and videography right now.  The best part: you don’t need pricey, bulky headwear to bring that 3D content to life. You can do it right now with The Lume Pad 2 and the tips below!

Lume Pad 2 - Your all-in-one device for 3D 

Utilizing cutting-edge optical hardware nanotechnology and AI software, Lume Pad 2 effortlessly transitions between 2D and 3D. You may already know the Lume Pad 2 offers an unparalleled, glasses-free 3D viewing experience you have to see to believe. But being able to use it in conjunction with your iPhone, though? Even better.

HOW TO: Transform Spatial Videos for 3D viewing

Here’s how you can transform your iPhone 15 Pro spatial photos and videos for an immersive 3D experience on the Lume Pad 2:

  • Convert with Spatialify: The Spatialify app is your magic wand. This intuitive app converts your spatial content into a side-by-side format, specifically optimized for the Lume Pad 2's 3D capabilities.
  • Export from iPhone: Your journey begins with the spatial content you’ve captured on your iPhone 15 Pro. Export these files with ease, preparing them for the next step of transformation.
  • LeiaPlayer for Viewing: Transfer the converted files to your Lume Pad 2 and watch as LeiaPlayer brings them to life in stunning 3D, without the need for any additional gear.
  • Share on YouTube: Go a step further by uploading your 3D content to YouTube. The LeiaTube app on the Lume Pad 2 allows you to stream these videos, sharing your 3D adventures with the world.

That’s it. Our tech does the rest for you. The Lume Pad 2’s onboard hardware and software take your work and seamlessly transforms it into 3D spatial content!

In 2024, we’re at the cusp of some amazing things in XR, VR, and, yes, now we’re also calling it spatial computing.  The Lume Pad 2 has led the way for years with our technology in countless panels offering glasses-free 3D, redefining how we experience digital content. 

Combining this with your iPhone 15 Pro's advanced camera marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital media. Say goodbye to the confines of traditional screens and hello to a world where your memories and creations leap out of the screen, right before your eyes.

The Lume Pad 2 is not just a 3D tablet; it's your window to re-living your most cherished moments in the most immersive way possible.