October 3, 2022

Making Ai Art with LeiaPix Converter

Making Ai Art with LeiaPix Converter

Taking something from your imagination and transforming it into a tangible 3D image isn’t science fiction. It’s now. Artists - and even people that never before thought they could create on this level - suddenly find themselves capable of creating inspiring art thanks to the aid of sites like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, or the popular, Midjourney

We’re seeing a large number of creators taking these amazing creations and using LeiaPix Converter to turn their 2D, AI-crafted generative art into 3D. So, today, we wanted to talk a little deeper about the trend, discuss its ramifications and show some examples.

First, let’s talk about how AI-generated art is created. The existing tools aren’t paintbrushes, as they are more a series of general directions you feed into the AI. Provide a subject, an action, a couple key words, and the AI samples from all the imagery available on the internet and with the context given mixes it into an interpretation of what you’re seeking. Kind of like a Google search on steroids.

Maybe you want to create a cyberpunk cityscape, all neon-ed out. Maybe you want to portray a beautiful nature scene with a Kaiju breaking through. 

Prompt "Haute Couture Fashion on Avatar" by Marlon Fuentes using DALL•E 2

Or, in the case of Rami Ismail, in honor of Amazon Prime’s new Lord of the Rings series, you might be tempted to type in “An Elf eating Spaghetti,” and get something as cursed-looking as this.

To be clear, there’s still very much the human element needed to fuel all this creativity - AI just helps bring the pieces together. It’s taking human-made art from across the Internet and blending it using human suggestions. 

We recently chatted with Andrii Tsarov, SWE Director of Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Leia and he firmly believes that we have come a long way with AI, but it remains (and will remain) more of a tool than anything else. Think of all the video editing software now available on your phone, able to add filters, effects, and so much more. That’s a small example of AI unlocking your creativity by reducing the learning curve to accomplish it.

To that end, here are some examples of sweet art we’ve seen come out of the creator community leveraging these tools.

We mentioned it at the start, but how does Leia factor into all this? Our free-to-use LeiaPix Converter software is the next step. We’ve seen a huge bump in people using our service and they are taking their AI creations to new dimensions. 3D. 

LeiaPix Converter does the heavy lifting to translate 2D images into 3D. Then users have the ability to go in and fine-tune depth-of-field effects and further modify their creation. How does LeiaPix Converter do that? AI, of course. As a company, Leia sees leveraging AI to help accomplish greater goals. Whether it’s unlocking inherent creative abilities in others or  taking existing art and finding new ways to let you transform it for the future.

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