February 26, 2024

The nubia Pad 3D II Debuts First Glasses-Free 5G + AI Tablet with Upgraded Immersive LeiaSR Tech

New Tablet Premieres at MWC 2024, Bringing Novel XR Experiences to Consumers Who Want Images and Videos to Naturally Pop Off Their Screens 

MENLO PARK, Calif. — February 26, 2024 — Leia Inc. announced that ZTE’s nubia Pad 3D II is the latest device to unlock glasses-free 3D using LeiaSR technology, a proprietary mix of  advanced optics and Depth (Gen) AI software enabling immersive experiences — for anyone, anywhere, on any device, today. Now showing at Mobile World Congress 2024, the 5G tablet will arrive with an 80% increase in 3D resolution, a 100% increase in 3D brightness, a 5x reduction in cross-talk which eliminates ghosting and other new updates primed to elevate life and play.

“Our customers want a world where their devices can show them all of the dimensions they see everyday, without the specialized eyewear that makes that process feel difficult,” said Luo Wei, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, General Manager of Terminal Product, ZTE Mobile Devices. “By partnering with Leia, we are giving our users a clear path to the kind of AI, 3D cameras, real-time 2D-to-3D conversion and best-in-class content experiences that will make people fall in love with tablets all over again.”

LeiaSR is an end-to-end way to bring immersive, 2D-to-3D switchable experiences to consumers on any personal device. Unlike most XR solutions which require dedicated eyewear, LeiaSR can make images and videos pop off the screen for users without wearables, enhancing everything from YouTube clips to video chats. Designed for instant use, LeiaSR also comes with a dedicated ecosystem of AI-powered 3D apps and software optimized for films, games and professional design work, so consumers can access engaging experiences right away.

nubia Pad 3D II marks the eighth major device to launch in the last year, with several new LeiaSR-infused laptops and monitors already on the market. Leia expects that number to double in the next 12 months. Besides the acquisition of Dimenco and a growing number of global partnerships with major OEMs, Leia is working with NVIDIA to optimize its solutions

for the next wave of 3D display technology. And Leia is working with Intel to explore optimizing the next wave of 3D display technology for Intel’s AI PC.

“With LeiaSR, people can finally access immersive XR experiences today with something everyone trusts — their existing devices,” said Fabio Esposito, CEO of Leia Inc. “There’s a world of possibilities that 2D screens are failing to unlock due to an inability to convey depth. But with companies like ZTE at our side, we’re pushing everything forward now!”

The nubia Pad 3D II will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and China later this year. China Mobile and Orange are proactively collaborating with ZTE to develop and commercialize glasses-free products that offer a pristine and immersive user experience for both the business and consumer markets, opening up this next-gen technology to a user base of over one billion potential customers. 

Experience nubia Pad 3D II this week at MWC 2024 in the ZTE and China Mobile booths.

Comparison image courtesy of ZTE

About Leia Inc.

Leia Inc. is a leading provider of glasses-free 3D display hardware, software and content solutions. Born from pioneering research at HP Labs and Philips, our breakthrough technology leverages advanced optics and AI to transform ordinary displays into naturally immersive experiences. We envision a future where the three-dimensional reality of our physical world is seamlessly reflected in the digital space, enhancing how we work, play and connect. Our mission is to make immersive experiences accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any device. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.