February 23, 2022

Over 100 Free 3D Games, Now on Lume Pad

If you’ve played any of the 3D games already available in the Leia appstore, you’ve seen the difference. Cars that leap through the Lume Pad’s 3D Lightfield display. Helicopter rescue sorties lifting off from the screen.

Best of all, as part of a special promotion, every single one of these games is absolutely free. Just click to download from the Leia appstore and it’s attached to your account, forever. Just remember you need to claim all those free games by June 30, 2022!

We’re adding a wide variety of games to the mix: Racing, sports, sci-fi, strategy, adventure and educational games suitable for all ages – ready to play. One of our current favorites that you should try out is Adventure Llama, perfect for all your platforming puzzle fans out there. The game will have you hopping over lava pits (as Llamas apparently often do). Matheus Vivian, CEO of Hermit Crab Games told us that, “It has been a fun, collaborative, and easy process to convert games for Lume Pad, optimizing them for 3D Lightfield. We are happy to be part of the Leia community, bringing more gaming content to the ecosystem.”

Adventure Llama is just one of the many great new games that you can get into as the holiday season kicks into festive gear. Here are a couple other Leia appstore newcomers that we also recommend you check out when you get the chance:

  • Arsenal Freestyle Show – Freestyle soccer stunts and tricks for all-ages!
  • Knight’s Retreat – Chess strategy puzzles in a fantasy adventure setting!
  • Milky Way Coliseum – Top-down Sci-Fi shooter with waves of aliens to blast through!

Games (L-R): Arsenal Freestyle Show, Knight Moves, Milky Way Coliseum, Adventure Llama.


We have much more to look forward to in the next months. At Leia, we’re excited about working with game developers from across the world, creating unique and fun content experiences for Lume Pad customers.

Beyond games, the Lume Pad delivers amazing 3D in all kinds of ways. Hollywood blockbusters mastered for 3D and Dolby ATMOS audio. Everything from YouTube to Twitch is converted on-the-fly into 3D. Taking your 2D phone photos and transforming them into 3D Lightfield masterpieces with ease. And that’s just the start.