May 18, 2021

The Lume Pad, 3D Lightfield, and the Digital Canvas for NFTs

Right now, this digital artwork sells for over $5,000 (1.5 ETH). Best of all, the Virtual Artist Kenmei Hashi, tells us that you  can see the 3D Lighttfield version that truly jumps out on the Lume Pad’s screen on his LeiaStream channel. You’re looking at the future of art – and an NFT.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) recently burst into the public consciousness. Maybe you heard of Beeple artwork selling for tens of millions as an NFT. Or the NBA’s TopShot, creating unique digital trading cards that sold out overnight. In a world where digital content is easily copied and shared, NFTs address an age-old concern. It rightly allows creators to benefit from what they make. It adds value to virtual items in games, collectibles, and yes, CNN notes how NFTs are fueling an art boom.

In short, NFTs put power in the hands of creators. Here, at Leia, that is what we are all about.

“Using the Leia Lume Pad, I have seen myself transported in Lightfield arts for many hours as they convey something that feels magical,”  Kenmei Hashi explains. “Coupled with the 4-view (3D Lightfield) multi-perspective capabilities, I was able to observe many Easter eggs, hidden meanings, and other creative use of 3D Lightfield. These arts really inspired me to seek a unique way to approach my artistic vision through this tech,” he adds.

So, how exactly does Hashi see NFT connecting with 3D Lightfield? Hashi says, “Lightfield has an important role in NFT’s future.”

Kenmei Hashi sees Lightfield technology as crucial in enabling collectors to experience the true vision of the artist even more so in CG arts. “The ability to perceive depth allows both, to literally experience the extent of the scene but also, to figuratively understand the deeper meaning of the art,” Kenmei Hashi says. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. We bend light on the Lume Pad so that you can look at screens in whole new ways. And we love hearing how artists can see the future of the medium.

“I believe many NFT arts will leverage the benefits of 3D Lightfield to make their art stand out. Hence, I believe that the Lightfield devices will be a vital tool for collectors as it will allow them to assess NFT arts to their full potential,” he adds.

Simply put, Our 3D Lightfield technology brings art to life in ways never before seen on flat 2D screens. It makes digital art tangible. The Lume Pad is the closest thing to holding your favorite subject in the palm of your hand or studying its intricacies. It creates a revolutionary new way to feel and experience the world. We’re helping breathe life into digital arts that will seem simultaneously surreal and wholly natural. Like walking around a sculpture.

Every day, we strive to create more increasingly profound experiences with every iteration of technology we develop. We are forging ahead, creating dynamic, multi-dimensional canvases for tomorrow’s artists, today. What does the future hold in Hashi’s virtual eyes? “Seeing the potential of 3D Lightfield NFT as a collectible art, I think Lightfield should expand to more formats such as larger ‘Canvas’ display for collectors to showcase their NFTs.”

We’re working on it.

Whether you’re a content creator, an artist, or just a tech aficionado, Leia’s Lume Pad changes how you see things. It could inspire you to build 3D Lightfield experiences of your own – or even simply take your old work and bring it to new mediums. The only limits are your imagination.

Experience it for yourself. Join us…and maybe, one day, create some NFT 3D Lightfield art of your own.

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