April 13, 2021

Leia Inc. Announces it is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP)

Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP)

San Francisco, CA, April 13, 2021 – Leia Inc., the experience platform and leader in 3D Lightfield display technology is now a Unity (NYSE: U) Verified Solutions Partner (VSP). Unity is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content.

Being a Verified Solutions Partner means Leia has been verified by Unity to ensure its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers to create, share, and enjoy stunning 3D Lightfield content on Leia’s Lume Pad. Today’s announcement means that Unity developers in automotive, high-end retail, mobile gaming, and more, will have access to the Leia platform via the Unity Asset Store. This will allow all developers with the Lume Pad to port their creation to the Leia platform in a frictionless way with Leia’s SDK for Unity.

“Unity is the largest ecosystem of 3D content development, so this partnership is incredibly exciting for Leia,” said David Fattal, Leia, Inc Co-Founder and CEO. “As a pioneer in 3D Lightfield, Leia is constantly growing its offering of both enterprise and consumer applications for its products, and with Unity, we have found a partner that has achieved scale while continuing to embrace innovation and creativity.”

Leia’s Lume Pad features the second generation 3D Lightfield display. This allows not only normal operation in 2D, but also enables users to create and experience 3D Lightfield on the same tablet. Now, anyone can open up pictures, movies, games, and learning apps on an incredibly immersive new display medium.  

Leia’s SDK allows developers to upgrade their Unity projects for mobile, AR/VR, automotive, gaming, etc. in a few clicks. Leia utilized Unity’s technology to create visual guidelines in the Unity Editor to optimize the visual comfort on the Lume Pad display. Special post-effects are added by Leia to perfect the visual experience, like a disparity-based blur, transparency, or 3D convergence plane remapping.

Automotive and retail developers as well as mobile gaming creators are always looking for what’s next and for new ways to engage more meaningfully with their users. With today’s news, Leia continues to innovate — taking 3D content in more engaging and immersive directions to deliver unparalleled experiences.