October 18, 2022

Unreal Fest 2022: Leia’s 3D x Unreal

The Big Easy gets seriously Unreal October 17 - 20th. Unreal Fest 2022 opens in New Orleans and of course Leia will be there. We’re bringing our developer platform technology, showing off how to transform Unreal Engine-created content to literally leap off 3D screens. And we’ve already built an SDK that allows creators to quickly take their work from Unreal to our 3D Lightfield displays.

If you’re not familiar with Unreal Engine, we should back up for a second. Unreal enables game developers and content creators across industries to realize next generation real-time 3D content. It powers everything from popular video games (Fortnite, for example) to your favorite shows (The Mandalorian) to architecture, modeling, industrial design and so much more.

Mike Weiss, Solution Architect for Epic Games - Enterprise, was recently checking out our 3D display tech at Siggraph 2022 and sees all kinds of possibilities.

“What’s becoming interesting other than the HMI use case is exploring these types of displays in design and production environments,” Weiss says. “Whether it's a virtual production stage or asset review, being able to preview stuff, or products and manufacturing design where you’re trying to visualize components.” He also sees the potential to take physical products, then go into Unreal Engine and use a 3D display as a creator presentation tool.

Take Epic Mega Grant Winner, Jonathan Winbush. We shared our original 3D Lightfield tablet with him and he went on to render Boba Fett on his newly-earned throne in 3D. Check that out when you get the chance!

We’re already creating tutorials that will walk you through how to transform your Unreal content for 3D displays, but a big part of our trip to Unreal Fest 2022 is to meet everyone there and hear about what you want to create – and how you’d like to use our platforms. 

Mike says that he’s looking forward to trying to use our platform as a 3D window, a VR replacement-experience. In fact, he sees this tech as a part of the decision making process.

If you’re attending Unreal Fest 2022, stop by to experience our next-generation 3D displays for yourself — we can’t wait to see you there!

Nima giving the first Demo of the day at UnrealFest 2022

Look for Leia in the Unreal Fest 2022 Expo Hall or DM us on socials at @LeiaInc! We’ll have a few people on hand that are happy to show you how it works – and what we have coming next!