November 28, 2023

Exploring Creativity and Depth on Lume Pad 2 with August Kamp

In the world of digital artistry, August Kamp stands out as a visionary who pushes the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. Blending a world of sound, visual media, and lyricism, Kamp is showing the world how to use generative AI as a practice, utilizing Lume Pad 2 as a portal. Let's delve into Kamp’s process, namely how she creates with the Lume Pad 2, and the unique ways she communicates emotion and depth through the combination of generative AI and 3D technology.

Generative Art with DALLE-E 3

Over the course of several conversations we learned that August has been deeply involved with OpenAI's Dalle program and has developed a remarkable skill for interfacing with the technology. Her prompts are more like discussions and meditative explorations with the machine, inspired by dreams, visions, and life itself. 

For those new to Dalle3 developed by OpenAI, it is a generative AI model for creating imagery that empowers artists to generate diverse and intricate images. Similar to LeiaDream on Lume Pad 2, anyone can type in the description and generate an image.

Turning 2D DALL-E 3 images into 3D 

As an early adopter of 3D technology going back to products such as a Nvidia Edge, Kamp immediately saw the potential with LeiaPix Converter to view on both Lume Pad 2 and VR headsets such as the Meta Quest 3. The technique adds depth and realism to her visuals by converting them to SBS (side by side), allowing the audience to experience the art in a way that goes beyond conventional 2D images. 

Lume Pad 2 as a Portal 

After generating images with OpenAI and making them 3D with LeiaPix Converter, she then brings it into Lume Pad 2 in order to experience it in 3D. For those who haven't yet tried it, Lume Pad 2 can also quickly create a 3D image by tapping the 3D button on LeiaPlayer, the default media player on the tablet.

In a world saturated with screens, Kamp sees the Lume Pad 2 as more than just a display— “it's a window, an invitation to peer into my world.” Kamp compares it to handing someone an iPad, stating that “while the iPad is a benchmark for picture quality, the Lume Pad 2 goes beyond— it's an immersive experience.” 

Kamp highlights the participatory nature of the Lume Pad 2. The device transcends the role of a traditional screen, creating an experience that captivates attention and draws the viewer into the artist's world as images break through the plane giving depth and volume to what otherwise would be flat. 

For Kamp, it's not just about displaying her work; it's about creating a profound connection between the viewer and the art itself.

“it's a window, an invitation to peer into my world.”

The first Dall-E 3 gallery on Lume Pad 2

If you're a proud owner of a Lume Pad 2 or looking to buy one during our Black Friday Sale, You’ll find Kamp on LeiaPix, the premiere social platform dedicated to 3D. In fact, Kamp shared the very first Dalle3 collection on LeiaPix, search @AugustKamp or follow this link.

In a world where content creation is evolving rapidly, August Kamp stands at the forefront, urging us to reconsider how we engage with and perceive art. Through the lens of the Lume Pad 2 and cutting-edge technologies, Kamp invites us to not just view art but to reflect, and create in new and immersive ways. 

As Kamp herself eloquently puts it, “the Lume Pad 2 is an invitation—an invitation to see, feel, and experience art in a way that resonates deep within the soul.”

Follow August Kamp on Instagram. For more inspiration check out the work of Nygilia, Kim Alban, and Tomoki Itamiya.

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