June 16, 2023

Leading the Way for AI Animation with Andre Oshea

Artist Andre Oshea is one of the brilliant creators currently exploring the intersection of creativity, AI, and Leia’s 3D•AI technology. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Andre Oshea, exploring his journey as an artist and how he is leading the way for AI animation. 

Andre Oshea showed a passion for art at an early age, but the Minneapolis native didn’t get into animation right away. He attended art school from middle school through college, then moved to Philadelphia to pursue a career as a music producer and DJ after attending Delaware State University. A few years later, he moved to Atlanta and got back into visual art. 

Andre's journey into AI for animation began earlier this year, but he first started working with AI tools a few years ago. At first, he was just experimenting with the technology and wasn’t actively sharing his creations. After his friend introduced him to Control Net, a program that allows AI to interpret information inside a photo or video directly, Andre realized the power of AI in animation. As Andre puts it, "AI taps into a collective consciousness. It breaks convention. It meshes perspective and texture in a way that the human eye wouldn’t." For Andre, AI animation is a unique form of expression that enhances his music more than still animation. "I was initially doing graphic design and realized that I could charge more if I animated things. From there, I went into motion design and then found 3D animation."

Art x 3D•AI

Andre's work with Leia's 3D•AI technology allows him to create and experience immersive worlds that push the boundaries of traditional animation. He combines his skills as a visual artist and his passion for music to create vibrant and dynamic content. Using AI tools in his work allows him to tap into creative ideas that he may not have been able to achieve before. 

“as intuitive as AI is, it’s not human. Learning to prompt and communicate with AI is a skill of its own. People who can make language accessible and understandable will succeed with AI because they know how to simplify their communication style.”

When he’s traveling Andre enjoys using Lume Pad 2 for its portability and ability to create. He describes his first impression with the device as a seamless, mind-bending experience. And he discovered a love of having AI at his fingertips. 

He jokes about being able to quickly prompt images using LeiaDream as a way to keep up the practice. According to Andre, “as intuitive as AI is, it’s not human. Learning to prompt and communicate with AI is a skill of its own. People who can make language accessible and understandable will succeed with AI because they know how to simplify their communication style.”

His first ever AI minted project was Cycles Observed. To date, he has collaborated with high-profile media companies such as Netflix and Adult Swim. Some of his favorite projects have been an NFT for the Grammy’s and an immersive and interactive display for Meta’s Black Creatives Day. He’s also had his work auctioned by Christie’s twice.

Early on in his career, he was fixated on specific goals that he wanted to achieve, but these days he lives more in the moment and trusts that the right opportunities will come to him. As he puts it, “Some of the coolest projects that I’ve gotten, I didn’t seek out.” 

The Value of Art

Andre believes that advancements in AI will lead to more people seeing the benefits of art. “Art tends to get devalued by people who aren’t creative,” he says. “AI will provide people with a better understanding of the value of art, creativity and creative problem solving.”

"In today’s digital landscape, art is especially important since people communicate using more than words. It can maybe lead to a world where language isn’t the primary form of communication. For example, the TikTok influencer Khaby has accumulated over 100 million followers and does not speak in any of his videos."

Andre sees AI technology going everywhere. It’s a great innovation point  - everyone sees the potential of it and wants to fit it into what they’re doing. “It’s the equivalent of asking 20 years ago, ‘where is the cell phone going to go?’ The invention of the cell phone sparked the innovation of the cell phone. I don’t think people 20 years ago knew that we would have watches connected to our phones that can also predict our health.” 

Ten years from now, Andre would like to see more AI animation tools and overall AI capabilities on the market. In the tech space more broadly, he sees that only a third of the internet is being used and he’s curious about AI implemented into the other two-thirds is going to look. He also is excited to see how we use technology in conjunction with nature and combine the two to take care of our planet in the future.

Follow Andre’s latest 3D animation creations on his professional website as well as on Instagram @andreoshea_ and Twitter @andreoshea. For more inspiration, check out our creator spotlights on Nygilia, Ben Desai and Ashley Zelinksie.